བྷི་མ་ལ། Bhi.Ma.La


Composition: Myristica fragrans, Terminalia chebula, Shorea robus- ta, Aquilaria agollocha, Carex sp., Ferula jaeschkeana, Bambusa textilis, Amomum subulatum, Elettaria car-damomum, Eugenia caryophyllata, Carthamus tinc-torius, Carum carvi, Santalum album, Pterocarpus san- talinus, Terminalia belerica, Emblica officinalis, Melia composita, Allium sativum, Geranium sp.

Nature: Neutral

Use and Action : Discomfort in cardiac region, lack of concentration and nervousness, forgetfulness, pain in the upper back and in chest, lost memory, shortness of breath and especially good for excess wind in the heart. 

Take 2-3 Pills daily, either in the morning or at night, with boiled warm water. 


ཨ་གར། ༣༥ A.Gar 35

Eagle Wood Thirty Five

Composition: White Aloeswood, Black Aloeswood, Cinchona sp, White sandalwood, Red sandalwood, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Greater Cardamom, Cloves, Bamboo pith, Saffron, Chebulic Myrobalan, Terminalia belerica Roxb, Emblic Myrobalan, Blue poppy ( Queen of Himalayan Flowers), Chrysanthemum Tatseinense Buret Franch, Pulicaria insignis, Picrorhiza kurroa, Aconitum ferox, Hog plum, Shorea robusta Gaertn, ( sal tree).

Nature: Cool

Use and Action: For general rLung accompanied by fever and inflammation, difficulty in breathing, palpitation of heart, inability to concentrate, trembling of the body, uncertain pain, dry and rough tongue, insomnia, initial state of rheumatism, dizziness, rLung related blood pressure.


ཨ་གར། ༢༠ A.Gar 20

Eagle Wood Twenty

Composition: Eagle Wood, Nutmeg, Hog plum, Bamboo (Bambusa Textilis) Shorea robusta Gaertn, ( sal tree), Saussurea Costus, Red Sandalwood, Gall Stone, Cloves, Bengal quince, Saffron, Inula racemosa Hook f., Rhinoceros sp, Chebulic Myrobalan, Mother of pearl, Strychnos Nux-Vomica Linn, Emblic Myrobalan.

Nature: Neutral

Use and Action: Neurological disorders, insanity, dumbness, cardiac, numbness of extremities, controls spreading of fever, rLung and blood disorders.

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