Traditional Tibetan Herbal Formular  

Carefully Balanced Ingredients

Tibetan herbal supplements are carefully balanced in time-tested combinations and concentrations. The herbs are integrated based upon their specific portions such as roots for bone imbalances, bark for muscle imbalances, branches for nerve imbalances, leaves for imbalances in the hollow organs such as the intestines and gall bladder, flowers for imbalances in the sense organs like eyes and ears, and fruits for imbalances in the vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. Our formulas depend on beneficial health properties, the six basic tastes, the eight potencies and the seventeen effects of the herbs. This extensive formulation process enables Tibetan supplements to work on all causes of health imbalances with no known negative effects.


Tibetan Medicine is a holistic system of medicine which is rooted in the understanding of the functions of the 5 elements; earth, water, fire, air and space.  These are the fundamental components of the universe. 

Harmonious functioning of the elements, in ourselves and our environment, is essential to our health.  Disease results when the elements are in discord.  Understanding the elements is key to understanding what is happening in our body, energy and mind.


KuNye Massage Therapy is excellent for the following conditions:

Neurological problems including numbness, sciatica, and paralysis
Psychological and emotional imbalances including agitation, anxiety, depression, moodiness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and insomnia.

Women’s health issues including irregular menstruation and PMS, dysmenorrhea. Prenatal women and ease pain during labor.

Stress related problems including migraine headaches and tension headaches
Back pain including upper, middle, and lower back
Tight muscles, joints and ligaments, neck and shoulder rigidity, whiplash
Poor circulation
Rough and dry skin
Facet Syndromes
Plantar ficiatis (pain of heel)

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